Bequething Love & Affection

Many times folks selling their homes are very sentimental after living in their home for many years.  We find ourselves attached to memories of laughter, love, holidays, growing pains in property.  Those gardener extraordinaires have an especially hard time in passing the torch to the new buyer in hopes that they too will tend to the flowers they way they did.

Jim & John recently sold their home on Washington’s Landing to a wonderful young lady Carol. Jim is one of those gardener extraordinaires. He took Carol by the hand before closing on his house and showed her all the perrenials, explained in detail what special care each needed, and hoped for the best.  Carol, rather a novice took note.  Two years later Jim & John came back from Ft. Meyers FL to visit.  Carol has definitely taken on the task for keeping the garden beautiful. Jim was very impressed and most of all grateful. It was a very happy reunion.

Bequething love & affection transcends into the real estate world.  Sellers are so appreciative when buyers take on the task of keeping the beauty alive the original owner created. I have seen that repeatedly in my business.  And it is very rewarding as a realtor.