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Country Roads

I took a recent road trip with John Denver careening in the background…Country Roads…take me home to a place where I belong…

Taking a break from 24X7 real estate gives me pause to reflect on this past year. I have worked with so many wonderful folks, in selling their homes and finding them new ones.

Owning a home is the American dream. It is one of the biggest life changing events one will encounter. And we as Americans value our homes as part of our own personal self worth.

Lydia and Rob found their dream home this past year in Crafton. I told them I thought they should get married soon as it is less complicated with legal status in home ownership. One week later they called me with great news.  Rob “put a ring on” Lydia’s finger. Wedding this coming fall.

Another couple built their dream townhome. Two days before closing she ended up in ICU. She is fighter, so closing took place one week later. After complete recovery, her husband and her are enjoying their new life, in their exquisite townhouse.

My newest buyers, Blanche and Brad, found a great home in Mt. Lebanon. They are closing in March, have a baby coming in August and are very excited about their life changing status.

It is my distinct honor to represent each and every one of these fine folks as they travel along on life’s journey.  And make their new homes their very own.

Traveling let’s me reflect on all of the stories I experience in my professional career. On my way down country roads I became excited thinking about all the new stories I would create with new clients and friends this year.

What are you excited about happening in 2015?